Tumor Marker Reducing Cases by Slamming on the Brakes on the Growth Rate of Cancer with Taking a Large Amount of ORT- nano Faecalis, Chinese Parsley and Fucoidan

Resumo do Trabalho Apresentado pelo Dr. Yasuhiro Shimotsuura no III Simpósio Médico Brasileiro sobre o Bi-Digital O-Ring Test

Tumor Marker Reducing Cases by Slamming on the Brakes on the Growth Rate of Cancer with Taking a Large Amount of ORT- nano Faecalis, Chinese Parsley and Fucoidan

Yasuhiro Shimotsuura, M.D., F.I.C.A.E., Cert. ORT-MD (7 Dan)

Vice President, Japan Bi-Digital O-Ring Test Medical Society; Director, Shimotsuura Clinic

Motomu Ohki M.Sc., F.I.C.A.E.(Hon.)

ORT Life Science Research Institute

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Purpose:  The authors usually diagnosis and treat cancer patients by using Bi- Digital O-Ring Test (Omura, Y. 1977-2013; BDORT below). By the timely momentum of cancer growth rate is rapid, so taking supplements two to three times the normal amount for applying the rapid brakes against cancer growth,  introduce patients to consider applying the brakes, several cases were improved with reducing tumor markers.

Subjects : Outpatients (especially cancer patients) of Shimotsuura Clinic were subjected.

Materials & Methods

1.  RCSReference Control Substanceused in BDORT Diagnosis

As RCS, 8-OH-dG, Integrin a5b1, Oncogene C-fos Ab2 and tumor markers (CEA, PSA, AFP, CA15-3, CA19-9, CA125, NSE, CYFRA etc.) were prepared and then, the status of the cancer was diagnosed BDORT. The therapeutic effects were evaluated with biochemical test & tumor markers by blood sampling, inspection or tumor markers, Echocardiography, X-ray, Computed Tomography, MRI inspection, and the Endoscopy, etc. in modern medicine.

2.  Supplements to examine the Optimum Amount - By changing the amounts of ORT-nano Faecalis(Enterococcus Faecalis;EF), Chinese Parsley (Cilantro) (CT), Indigo Plant (IP) (1T~15T)、Propolis powder (PP)(0.1g~1.0g, Fucoidan (ORT- nano Fucose; FC) (10cc~60cc). Integrin a5b1 is so below with less than10-100g(BDORT Unit)to determine the optimal dose and supplements.

3. How to determine the optimal dose of the supplement

To maximize the time duration of the drug & surface area of dose response curve, we search the optimal dose by changing the amount of the drug of tablet or liquid to lower the RCS level much lower the 10g (BDORT Unit).

If selected point C, time duration time is longest. And to take the right dosage of the Dose of point C, the therapeutic effect of the treatment is best.


Fig.1 Relationship between the curve and the optimal amount drug optimum amount


1. Time Course of the Patients were shown in Table 1.



Disease Name

A Single Dose of Supplement

Change of Tumor Markers


A.T (F)


Ovarian Ca p.o.






Breast Ca p.o.




M.I (F)


Stomach Ca. p.o.


CEA  (10.5→4.7)




Prostate Ca


PSA  (357→114)




Lung Ca


CEA  (5.5→4.8)

CYFRA(3.6→ 1.5)


Y.Y (F)


Colon Ca p.o.

Liver meta




S.M (F)


Colon Ca p.o.

Liver meta



CEA  (558→453)




Stomach Ca. p.o.Lung meta



CEA  (28.6 →5.0)

Table 1: Change in the Value of Tumor Markers and the Amount of Supplements for Cancer Patients

2.  The case of using ORT-nano Faecalis, a single dose of the supplement is to be reduced to 5 ~ 6T (normal amount), for example, it took a few days to three weeks. If you have previously asked to take only the normal amount, it took three to six months until improvement of the disease.

3.  By taking two to three times the normal amount, referred to the authors, and slam on the rapid brakes that Integrin a5b1 to less than or equal to 10-100g (BDORT Unit) therapy, the authors called "rapid brakes therapy".  About the following periods of Integrin a5b1 less than 10-100g (BDORT Unit) is longer, tumor markers have decreased.


1.  In BDORT, by applying the brakes in a short period of time, then result of the treatment should be improved.

2.  In BDORT, if you take the right dosage of the supplements you decide, Integrin a5b1 is lowered as expected. If not reduced, eating a lot of food Vitamin C orange, persimmon, etc. , drinking coffee, tea, oolong tea, barley tea and roasted tea or there is a factor in the vicinity of what generates an electromagnetic wave by using electric carpet, electric blanket, TV, PC etc. to cancel the effect of treatment, such as have to spend a long time with the patient with that, explore the cause of therapeutic effect does not go as expected, and omit the cancelling factors and improve together, so that the therapeutic effect better.

3. Even if drinking something to cancel the effect of treatment, the treatment effect does not become bad, we have also tried taking many have split 1-2 supplements.

4. After the time course is getting better and the patient does not visit to our Clinic with stopping to take supplements, even the results of BDORT would be worsen and elevated tumor markers.

By again, therapy to sudden braking, if such is the case, Integrin a5b1 is to maintain less than 10-100g (BDORT Unit).

5.The authors had been asked to take the supplement three times a day, to try to get taken morning and evening twice a day, in these days, has a good therapeutic effect.

6.  If stronger than +4 BDORT Grading, drugs or supplements are evaluated as effective. According to the conventional method, the optimal dose was determined as A point in Fig.1. But less effect of the drug duration time and the drugs do not reach the intended organ without stimulating the organ representation area by using Selective Drug Uptake Enhancement Method (SDUM). Also, there is a disadvantage that many foods and drinks to cancel the effect of the drug.

7.  Among the stronger doses than +4 BDORT Grading, the maximum dose of the selected drug was point B in Fig. 1. Without using SDUM, the drugs reached to the intended organ. The advantage is the long drug duration time and cancellation effect is few.

8. This result is similar to determining the amount of area under the blood concentration curve (Area Under the Curve, AUC) according to the PK(Pharmacokinetics )/PD(Pharmacodynamics)  theory is maximized.

9.  Future, the optimum dose of the drug, the duration of the drug, we will continue this study with the administration of the drug, such as time and raise more therapeutic effect.


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