Simple history of my dental treatment with Bi-Digital O-Ring Test

Resumo do Trabalho Apresentado pelo Dr. Yoshiro Fujii no III Simpósio Médico Brasileiro sobre o Bi-Digital O-Ring Test

Simple history of my dental treatment with Bi-Digital O-Ring Test

Yoshiro Fujii, DDS Ph.D FICAE ORT certificate dentist (1 Dan). Shin-Kobe-dental clinic

It's before about 15 years that I have begun biting treatment (occlusal treatment). Many dental treatment results were reported by occlusal treatment focusing on unidentified complaints i.e. headache, stiff neck, stiff shoulder, lumbago and the knee arthritis. The sprint treatment to change a three-dimensional jaw was the mainstream then. Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (BDORT) was used for me to decide the three-dimensional location of the jaw. After that I have found out that only an occlusal recovery by using partial artificial teeth is effective. I have found out that even only one crown is effective. Even if a crown is set, there are almost no changes for the body. Time of more than 10 years was necessary for the reason's becoming clear. And I have found out that electromagnetic waves’ problem is concerned with dental treatment deeply. A body is changed by electromagnetic waves from a crown. A body was changed by electro magnetic waves from a cell phone. It's even affected from them without touching a body directly. BDORT is also very useful detecting such things. It was supposed that cerebral blood flow is decreased by harmful radio waves. It is gradually clarified that joint mobilizations are also decreased by bad electromagnetic waves. In the modern society, PCs or cell phones are widely used and people are exposed to electromagnetic waves. The influences of these also become clear in BDORT. The material used for dental treatment recently will be an antenna that collects harmful electromagnetic waves, and electromagnetic waves collected may induces electromagnetic hyper sensitivity, occasionally. It is very useful to use BDORT to find the dental materials which collect harmful electromagnetic waves.

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The Relationship between Dental Materials and Diseases Caused by Electromagnetic Waves and How to Deal With them

Yoshiro Fujii  D.D.S.  Ph.D.

Shin Kobe Dental Clinic, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture

 Purpose: As our society develops IT technology, such as Wi-Fi, the number of patients with nonspecific symptoms including stiff shoulders and sore backs etc. is increasing. The majority of these patients, who come to dental clinics, expect to get better by improving their occlusal conditions. In some cases, however, the treatment does not work as well as expected or the symptoms reoccur again and again until we change dental material in the patient’s oral area. It has been acknowledged that some dental materials cause allergic reactions when they dissolve and are absorbed by the body.  I would like to report the possibility that some dental material also acts as an antenna receiving electromagnetic waves from the environment, causing the symptoms listed above. I’ll also discuss how to deal with these problems.

 Method: First, cell phones or computers were put close to the subjects in order to expose them to electromagnetic waves. Second, the subjects who exhibited symptoms such as dizziness, loss of balance, numbness of the hands or dyspnea, when exposed to electromagnetic waves were re-exposed to electromagnetic waves while the same kind of dental material, which they had in their mouths, was held close to them. Third, in the cases where the subjects’ symptoms worsened, the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test was done using the suspicious dental material. The dental materials that were found to weaken the subjects’ grip strength were removed, which lead to the symptoms improving, or even disappearing. Finally, all kinds of dental material were put close to the subjects and the BDORT was performed while exposing the patients to electromagnetic waves. Then, the subjects’ dental materials were switched to ones which strengthened their   grips during the test. When an adhesive, such as cement, was needed to replace the materials, the materials and the adhesive were put together to be tested.

 Result and Discussion: It is suggested that dental materials such as metals are involved with diseases caused by electromagnetic waves. As I have started, electromagnetic waves from dental material may cause these symptoms of these diseases. My findings, however, show that specific dental materials act like antennae, receiving electromagnetic waves, which cause unpleasant symptoms. I also found that the diseases could be treated by replacing the metals, and the BDORT is very useful for   finding which materials should be removed and which new material should be used in their place.

 Conclusion: The BDORT is useful for finding the dental materials that receive electromagnetic waves and cause diseases, and for finding which materials can be safely used as replacements.

Systemic Disease Induced by Dental Ailments

Yoshiro Fujii D.D.S., Ph.D. , Cert. ORT-DDS (1 Dan), F.I.C.A.E

Shin Kobe Dental Clinic, Hyogo, JAPAN.



Dentists have to deal with several common ailments, such as cavities, periodontitis and temporomandibular disorder, etc. These ailments can lead to other conditions such as headaches, neck stiffness, joint pain, etc. Using the two-point time lag stimulating method with the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test, we are able to determine the relationship between oral ailments and other systemic ailments which allows us to pinpoint the primary cause of the ailments, and therefore to treat root causes rather than referred symptoms.


Hip joint pain, difficulty walking, lumbago, spinal column contortion, etc. can be caused by common dental illnesses, such as i.e. dental cavities, temporomandibular disorder, hypersensitive dentin, and missing teeth, etc. Carrying out dental care of these common ailments may improve them.


Common dental ailments turn out to induce systemic diseases. The resonance phenomenon of the Bi-Digital O-Ring test allows us to investigate this relationship. It is important to further investigate the relationship between dental ailments and systemic ailments. The Bi-Digital O-Ring Test would seem to be highly useful in such an investigation.


This research showed that the ailments of the common dentistry caused systemic illnesses. The Bi-Digital O-Ring Test would seem to be highly useful in such an investigation.


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Shin-Kobe-Dental Clinic, Sanyo-Build 2F, 3-9-18, Sannomiya-chou, Chuo-ku, Kobe, 650-0021, JAPAN.


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