Moment O-Ring Test (MORIT) (Two Hand Method)

Resumo do Trabalho Apresentado pelo Dr. Yasuhiro Shimotsuura no III Simpósio Médico Brasileiro sobre o Bi-Digital O-Ring Test

Yasuhiro Shiotsuura M.D.,F.I.C.A.E., Cert. ORT-MD (7 Dan)

Motomu Ohki, Msc., F.I.C.A.E.(Hon.)

 Hiroshi Kawashima L.Ac, F.I.C.A.E.(Hon.), Cert. ORT-L.Ac (2 Dan)

ORT Life Science Research Institute

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Introduction Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (BDORT) is a diagnostic method that direct method (the examiner pulls the O-Ring which examinee made in straight line directly and in-direct method (the examiner pulls the O-Ring made by trained third paerson in straight line). Here the authors would like to introduce the method of one man O-Ring Test without the fingers of the third person. Various methods of one man O-Ring Test in a simple manner were tried including Prof. Yoshikai Omura (the founder of the BDORT). Among the methods, the authors introduce the method of reprodusable and objectivity relatively. In Japan, steelyard ancient times "scale bar called as Chigiri (Chigibakari)" that has long been used. In the balance using the moment of force, it is measured by the distance from the fulcrum to the weight. On this moment of time, in the same principle as this Chigibakari, the author will show you how to be a force to pull. As with Chigibakari, from the base of the finger, to move towards the tip sites catching little by little. Then, the power draw increases gradually, and if it exceeds a certain distance, O-Ring made fingers will be opened. The authors apply this principle to perform the BDORT.

A) How to perform the BDORT



O-Ring made by the thumb on the examinee (I) and relative Finger (II, III, VI, V) – Open in a straight line by the thumb and the index finger (I – II) of the opposite hand, we decide the subject is good or not according the O-Ring is closed or opened with its grading.



Fig.2 Actual way of grading MORIT that changed the distance from the base of the finger


Fig. 3 Scale Bar & Moment of Force


How to find the 0 point

In the same way, to come and open (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11) sequentially from the base of the ring finger in a straight line. Then, according to the figure, ring finger open at 7. The brink of 6 is± 0 point.The position of the zero point, tend to ring finger of I-Ⅱ, I-Ⅲ, and I-Ⅳ is in accordance with weaker, closer towards the base.


The results, when testing at a portion of the wheel destination is open from 0 point evaluation of power, and as a result, means to the + If you close, it is possible for the body + rating. Further, in the portion closer to the base than the zero point, and tested, and as a result, when open - it means, to the body - it is possible rating.

Grading Assessment Method of + According to MORIT

From -1, -2, -3, -4, -5,evaluation of the force follow go to the tip, it will be opened with a small force. Ring finger of this open is no longer open, I means that the positive evaluation +1, +2, +3, +4, and +5 high. In addition, if you want a big + rating, from I-Ⅱ finger the ring finger drawn the subject, to the wheel I-Ⅲ, I-Ⅳ, of I-Ⅴ finger, when dropped into the wheel weaker If you go, big + evaluation becomes possible.

Evaluation of Grading - According to MORIT

From +1, +2, +3, +4,+5, evaluation of force follow go to the root, it becomes not open when it is not a great power. It means that Rated - -1, -2, -3, -4, -5 ring finger was not opened with I-Ⅱ finger of examiner opens. From I-Ⅱ finger, and go down to the weak force I-Ⅲ, I-Ⅳ, and to I-Ⅴ finger a finger to open the examiner, further when you want to evaluation, - Large - large further evaluation becomes possible. 

Concept of Moment of Force that Affect the MORIT

If it is assumed that one force Fa catching ring finger, r decreases. In other words, the distance to the site to draw closer to the base is small, Fb, and Fc force is gradually increased.

Actual Inspection by using MORIT


A. Pointing the subjects by the index finger of made O-Ring and performed MORIT test

B. Face up to the test objet by the eye and do MORIT with both hands

Finally, when one man O-ring test operation, it is easy to fall into dogmatism, go to validate BDORT is always necessary. In addition, the operator is responsible is required for the results came out. I think in the practice of this method, and that splendor of BDORT Prof. Yoshiaki Omura has originated and developed can experience.