Attempt for Extracorporeal Elimination of Radioactive Pollutant by Using High Concentration Hydrogen Water, Oje 80, Oje 10 & Conglomerate Hornfels Rock treated water: Part 2

Resumo do Trabalho Apresentado pelo Dr. Yasuhiro Shimotsuura no III Simpósio Médico Brasileiro sobre o Bi-Digital O-Ring Test

Yasuhiro Shimotsuura, M.D., F.I.C.A.E., Cert. ORT-MD (7 Dan)

Vice President, Japan Bi-Digital O-Ring Test Medical Society; Director, Shimotsuura Clinic

Koichi Kato, M.D., Cert. ORT-MD (3 Dan)

Honorary Director, Onoda Hospital

Motomu Ohki, Msc., F.I.C.A.E. (Hon.)

ORT Life Science Research Institute

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Purpose: By the Tohoku earthquake, tsunami and the accompanying failure of  Cooling system of Fukushima I nuclear plant accident occurred in the East Japan on March 11, 2011, a large amount of radioactive material was scattered. 

In order to protect the health of many residents in affected areas, the authors have tried to rid the body of the radioactive material by using Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (Omura, Y. 1977-2013; BDORT below) from April, 2011 to December, 2012.

Here the authors report the clinical results.

Subjects: Hospital staffs and Outpatients (ages 1 to 75) have been visited Onoda Hospital (Minamisoma City in Fukushima Prefecture)  for the purpose of decontamination and radioactive pollutant from April, 2011 to December, 2012 were observed.

Materials & Methods

1. Geiger counter

Radalert 100 model (Operation range: 0.01 – 1,100 μSv / hr) manufactured by International Medcom was used for measuring the radiation level. Every time, when the inspection, measurement of the radiation level at thyroid, lung, liver, prostate or gynecological, not only the level of indoors were performed.

2. Reference Control Substances (RCS) used in this trial

As RCS, 8-hydroxy-deoxy-guanosine (8-OH-dG), Integrin a5b1 (Oncogene C-fos Ab2), Iodine (I), Cesium (Cs), Strontium (Sr) (10-100 g to 10-4 g BDORT Unit) were prepared and the therapeutic effect was measured by using BDORT.

3. Materials or Methods used for removal of radioactive contaminants

High concentration hydrogen water (ultra-low voltage potential water; -850 mV), use Of Conglomerate Hornfels Rock treated water, drinking 2 cc of Oil No. 80 (Walnut Oil), drinking 2cc of Oil No. 10 (Laura nobilis Oil), etc. were tried. Effect of treatment was not performed on the results of the BDORT is measured three or more times.

Results :

I.  Therapeutic effect by various methods is as shown in Table 1.

Respectively, Cesium (Cs), Strontium (Sr), Iodine (I) may be less than or equal to 10-30, if it is assumed that the effective.

Table 1: Therapeutic Effect of Various Therapies

Age Range

Enable the following 10-30

Enable the following 10-40

Enable the following 10-50

1. Hydrogen Water (ultra-low voltage potential water -850 mV)






②Oje10  (Laura nobilis Oil)






③Oje 80 (Walnut Oil)






4.Conglomerate   Hornfels rocks








II. The most effective cases were cases of drinking High concentration hydrogen water (-850 mV) (see Table 1). This Method was aimed to be eliminated from the body to adsorb hydrogen ion and Cesium and Strontium ions.

Ⅲ.Then, Oje10(Laura nobilis Oil) and Oje 80 (Walnut Oil) sent from Serbia were effective. It took a short verification period, in relation to cases that were considered valid.

Ⅳ. Among the largest number of cases, after a soak in tap water for 3 hours Conglomerate Hornfels rocks, soaked for 3 hours in water Conglomerate Hornfels rocks, drink, and vegetables and fish, it was effective (88/102) and 86.3% if the effect is what Cs, Sr was reduced to less than 10-30 g BDORT Unit.


1. At first, using treated water Conglomerate Hornfels rocks did not work so well. As For drinking water and the environment in Minamisoma City has been contaminated, there was a need to clean up and regenerate the Conglomerate Hornfels rocks. After guidance of washing with salt → rinsing→ boiling → 3 minutes heat with microwave oven, therapeutic effect was raised.

2. Even if you choose the ones that the therapeutic effect to some extent, there is a risk of further pollution in air, drinking water, from food, etc. It is necessary for reducing the risk of radioactive pollution of the people living in the affected areas.


1. Omura Y. Electro-magnetic resonance phenomenon as a possible mechanism related to the "bi-digital o-ring test molecular identification and localization method". Int. J. of Acupunct Electrother Res. 1986; 11(2):127-45.