Anti-Cancer & Anti-Aging: Relationship among Telomere, Integrin α5β1, Oncogen C-fos Ab2, 8-OH-dG and Longevity gene Sirtuin 1

Resumo do Trabalho Apresentado pelo Dr. Yoshiaki Omura no III Simpósio Médico Brasileiro sobre o Bi-Digital O-Ring Test

Yoshiaki Omura, M.D., Sc.D.

President, International College of Acupuncture & Electro-Therapeutics;
Adjunct Prof., Dept. of Family & Community Medicine, New York Medical College;
Director of Medical Research, Heart Disease Research Foundation;
Editor-in-Chief, Acupuncture & Electro-Therapeutics Research, International Journal of Integrated Medicine; Executive Editor, Integrative Oncology


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Our previous research indicated that when there is cancer in any part of the body, cancer cell telomere, Integrin α5β1, and Oncogen C-fos Ab2 become very high with moderately increased 8-OH-dG, and longevity gene of the body becomes low. But, if we artificially increase normal cell telomere over 500 ng, cancer cell telomere becomes practically 0, and Integrin α5β1 & Oncogen C-fos Ab2  also reduces very significantly, and 8-OH-dG, which increases in the presence of DNA mutations and represents the aggressiveness of tumors, also decreases significantly. Longevity gene at different parts of the body also increases significantly. Thus increasing normal cell telomere in any cancer patient from 1 yg to over a few hundred ng without creating any significant side effects, we can have a very efficient anti-cancer treatment, since once the cancer cell telomere comes close to 1yg, the cancer cells cannot divide. If we can maintain such conditions for 24 hours every day continuously, often cancer cells begin to shrink. During the past 15 years, the author investigated which substance can increase normal cell telomere very high to over 500 ng and found more than 10 substances which can increase normal cell telomere over 500 ng.

Examples of telomere increasing substances & methods discovered by Dr. Omura:

  1. Oral intake of normal cell telomere (significantly) increasing substances: One of the highest telomere increasing substances is Haritaki, which is among one of 3 medicines in a pot held by the palm of Medicine Buddha. These 3 medicines as a combination are called Triphala, and we found Haritaki is the only one of which an optimal dose has the highest normal cell telomere increasing effect of maximum 1350 ng BDORT units. Açai from the Amazon of Brazil also increases normal cell telomere. We found both Haritaki & Açai increased the maximum of 1350 ng BDORT units by optimal dose. But if you just take it, both Haritaki and Açai will really give you over 1000 ng increase of normal cell telomere because Vitamin C as well as other substances in drinks and foods when eaten seems to inhibit the activity very quickly and individually. Unless you measure cell telomere this is very difficult to estimate, unless telomere is measured non-invasively by the BDORT, it is difficult to estimate, so ideally each person before eating or drinking something, it should be evaluated. Unfortunately, Açai is more fragile than Haritaki, as a result really one can get an increase in telomere over 500 ng. An optimal dose of Maca increases maximum of 850 ng but reduction by food, drink & other medicine is much less than both Haritaki & Açai, Maca often ends up with higher normal cell telomere than Haritaki or Açai.
  2. Drinking Special Miracle Waters of the World: So far, we found many places where water is well known to produce miracles, but the amount of increase in normal cell telomere of most of them were less than 70 ng. However, so far I found 2 locations in the world where 100 cc of water increase normal cell telomere to 280 ng (one is from my Japanese home town hot spring water & in San Diego county, California). One cup of these waters (250 cc) increase normal cell telomere to 700 ng and temporarily inhibit most malignancies for several hours.
  3. Drinking low ethyl alcohol of 12~20%: BDORT strong (+) Japanese plum wine which has Ethyl alcohol anywhere between 12%-15% by taking 25-30 cc orally, telomere often goes up about 550 ng, and this is also additionally a good supplement to take before going to bed for not only cancer patients, but for any person. Some inexpensive BDORT (+) port wine from Portugal (such as Fonseca Ruby Port or Presidential Port Ruby) also increases normal cell telomere to about 500~550 ng.
  4. Omura’s EMF Neutralizer Application Method: Also, we have developed other non-drug dependent normal cell telomere increasing method, and one of them is placing electromagnetic field Neutralizer or placing a small piece of EMF neutralizer on six different effective parts of the body. In this case, each piece of EMF Neutralizer increases normal cell telomere 125 ng, and by proper combination of 6 EMF Neutralizers, normal cell telomere can go up 750 ng. In this situation, the important thing is how to keep the EMF Neutralizer on the same part of the body without it moving or detaching from the skin. Naturally BDORT test positive scotch tape is convenient, but some people develop skin allergy for tape, and as long as this problem can be avoided, this is one of the safest ways of increasing normal cell telomere up to 750 ng without taking any medication which may be potentially harmful.
  5. Omura’s Hand Friction Method: The simplest, safest & inexpensive method of increasing normal cell telomere is by applying strong frictions by rubbing together the palms of the hands back and forth 100 times, which should not take more than 1 or 2 minutes. Normal cell telomere increases to 200 ng per 100 frictions of both hands. By increasing this same friction for 300 times, normal cell telomere goes up 600 ng; this 600 ng is sufficient to reduce the cancer cell telomere to 1 yg and cancer cells cannot divide. When reduced to 150 ng, this anti-cancer effect will disappear, but the beneficial effect of 300 frictions will remain effective for about 6 hours before the effect disappears by normal cell telomeres reaching below 150 ng. Therefore, cancer patients doing 300 frictions 4 times a day can keep the cancer cell telomere practically 0, and inhibit cancer cell activity. This method does not depend on any drugs or any pieces of substances internally or externally, and I recommend every cancer patient to do this, and those who have advanced cancer by increasing hand frictions to 400 frictions of both palms of the hands, normal cell telomere can go up to 800 ng, and also ideally should do this at least 5 times a day. Each 100 frictions increase normal cell telomere by 200 ng, but also reduce Integrin α5β1, Oncogen c-fos Ab2 and 8-OH-dG to very low values and increases longevity gene Sirtuin 1, not only in different parts of the body, but also temporarily increases Siruin 1 in both hippocampi of both sides of the brain. Omura’s hand friction method is the simplest, safest, and most economical method of maintaining not only anti-cancer but also anti-aging effects. In the past, many researchers believed that telomere is a major factor determining the actual longevity in the human, but our study of supercentenarians indicated their telomere is very low, and was not particularly high when they were young. We discovered, among many factors, that longevity gene Sirtuin 1 in the hippocampus is a major determining factor of human longevity.